In 1925 by the side of an unpaved road, a modest little stand opened for business run by Jimmie Gagliardi and his family Sal, Johnny, and Carrie. The family took a risk on opening the stand putting their entire life savings on the line having faith that their invention the Split Hot Dog would attract the likes of local Savin Rock goers. The sign on the stand said Moxie; and Moxie was what it took to open another food stand at Savin Rock.

A short while later a new stand called Jimmies opened for business and the word spread, resulting in people coming by the masses to experience Jimmies specialties for themselves. The split hotdog was a success as it set Jimmies apart from other snack bars and other eateries at the time. Over the years with the growth of the popularity of the Jimmies brand it has evolved from first starting off as little Hot Dog stand to a drive in restaurant. Today Jimmies is a fully modern restaurant that provides a well-rounded menu aimed at catering to the likes of as many as possible.

For over 90 years Jimmies tradition has been kept alive and well being passed on down through the generations, currently run by the 3rd, 4th and 5th generations of the Gagliardi family who plan to carry on the tradition for many generations to come taking the best of old school tradition introducing new ideas along the way.

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Jimmies Of Savin Rock History