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Celebrating 99 Years...


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How It Started

On The Corner

Our first location started in 1925 "Moxie" was the first version of what we now know as Jimmies. Moxie was the birth place of the split hot dog. This stand was in service from 1925-1939.

In service from 1935-1952 this building served as the replacement for the Moxie stand and was the first building to carry the Jimmies brand. It started off as an over the counter restaurant later adding a dining room in the rear as business grew over time throughout the 1940's. 

The Spot

In service from 1954-1974 after a two year construction period this building was built on the original Savin Rock. From day one this building brought customers from all around New England by the thousands. People enjoyed Jimmies and the many attractions of the Savin Rock amusement park at the time. 

Jimmies Today

Due to changing policies within West Haven in the early 70's prohibiting over the counter take out, Jimmies transformed to a modern dining experience with a full service dining room. However in current day West Haven now allows for take out is now available and the restaurant  features indoor and outdoor dining with a beautiful view of long island sound. 


Meet Our Founder

     Like everyone else at the time Sal worked hard from a young age and learned the value of a dollar working with his father at the Moxie stand. In 1935 he had a vision of the original Jimmies building his business on the corner of Rock Street. In this era he would add seafood to the menu as fresh seafood was popular at the time. As his success grew throughout the 1940's  in the early 1950's he built his second iteration of Jimmies which was very successful, passing the business along to his two sons in the early 1970's ushering a new era in 1974 when the doors of the current building opened. In beginning it all started with his love for Rosslers Hot Dogs, which he sold for the entire time he worked until he passed the business along to his two sons. 

Salvatore Gagliardi

Jimmies & The Savin Rock Amusement Park


An important part of Jimmies and the town of West Havens History open from 1870-1966. The Savin Rock park took inspiration from coney island with grand piers stretching out into the water, grand piers, race tracks you name it the Savin Rock park was beloved by many bringing people in from all corners of Connecticut. 

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The Story Behind Our Famous Split Hot Dogs

In the early days the moxie stand was set next to the trolley line of West Haven. When it would stop the motor man/conductor would stop for quick hot dog. To cook the hot dog quick enough for the trolley operator they would split the hot dog down the middle grill it and put it on a toasted bun. Over time it became so popular it became the Jimmies way. 

The Jimmies Yacht

A symbol of success the American dream realized this photo is of Sal Gagliardi aboard the Jimmies yacht with the split hot dog flag in the wind. 

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Historical Photos


Business Hours
Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday; Sunday: 11:30 A.M.- 8:30 P.M.

Friday & Saturday: 11:30 A.M. - 9 P.M. 

5 Rock Street West Haven,CT
Phone: 203-934-3212

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